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Apr 15, 2007

Mature asian movies

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As we kissed, she slid her hands under my blouse and caressed my tits through my bra. "Gina.." I said trying to reason with her. "I just need some... space..." she kissed me to stifle my words."I just it was silly of me to assume that I could have your pussy whenever I wanted it...." she said as she lifted my bra and sucked my tits, licking each nipple.

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  Mature Asian Movies. Attention! Contains adult materials!   All I could think of was, "Oh please don't move just yet," as I felt his muscular body across my legs and my whole body tingled under his touch. "God, he smells good," I thought to myself as he seemed to move in slow motion and I had the opportunity to breathe him in. My head swirled and the smell of his cologne just made me want him more.
At one point through the awesome blowjob, she got up and laid on her side next to me again, but with her legs folded up a little and her ass and pussy facing me. It was at this point that it became obvious to me that she had been at least playing with herself and more than likely fucking herself with one of her toys, because her whole pubic area, from the front of her pussy right back to her butthole and all in between was soaking wet, and a rich aroma of her pussy and water based lubricant filled the room. Mature asian movies
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