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Apr 15, 2007

Lesbians in nylon

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Swallowing Sarah's gasp, and pushing aside the nerves that sent a quiver through her midsection, Tracy gently nibbled and caressed Sarah's lips, gaining courage with each second that passed until finally her tongue could not stand the anticipation and advanced, urging Sarah's lips apart. She heard Sarah moan and felt her own heart pound against the inside of her chest.

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  Lesbians In Nylon. Attention! Contains adult materials!   At first, I just laid there looking at her beauty. Then I got the idea to look a little closer. I reach over and pulled the flash light from my drawer. She was under the blanket, so I lifted it up a little and got under with her. I turned on the light and to my surprise; she was wearing nothing but her bra and panties. I immediately got a raging hard on. They were pink and left little to the imagination.
I wasn't stupid as I moved between Janice's splay legs and began licking her pussy.  Janice responded immediately to the sensation of my tongue licking her pussy as she placed her hands on my head before moaning of how good my tongue felt.  Janice also gave me directions to where she wanted me to lick and what to do with my fingers. Lesbians in nylon
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