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Apr 15, 2007

Big boobs action

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I opened the door. It was the room service waiter, a skinny young boy of about nineteen. He had long blonde hair down to his shoulders and an angelic face. He stood there non-plussed as he saw me, with nothing on but my black stockings, suspenders and panties.

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  Big Boobs Action. Attention! Contains adult materials!   She allowed him to place her hand over his erection and actually rubbed it a few minutes. But this wasn't right! Not in the front seat of a car for God's sake! She pulled back and kept her hands folded together in her lap the rest of the way. Dan glanced at her with a worried look on his face but she smiled reassuringly and he relaxed.
He stuck his tongue in to her ass, and sucked on her nasty g-string, pulling out from between her spread cheeks. In a fluid motion, she was out of them and they lay in a moist heap on the floor. He reached forward then, and felt her dripping wet cunt, her smooth lips already coated with slick girl cum. Hers was the hottest cunt he'd ever seen. Big boobs action
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